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Why American Addiction Centers?

AAC recognizes the pressure placed on drug treatment professionals such as EAPs, social workers and drug counselors. Companies look to our team to assist with the entire process, helping their employees and members receive the best possible treatment, based on their specific needs.
  • We take on this responsibility at no cost to your client
  • We manage the research, paperwork and all logistics surrounding placement
  • Our services are driven by a personal touch and a highly experienced solutions team

Hospital Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning
AAC recognizes the pressure placed on hospital workers and healthcare professionals, such as clinicians, social workers and discharge planners. From communicating with insurance companies to finding the right additional treatment for patients who struggle with addiction, healthcare professionals look to our team to assist with handling the entire discharge planning process. We help their patients receive the best possible drug treatment based on their specific needs.

  • We provide the logistics management necessary in placing your patients into one of our facilities that meets their needs.
  • We communicate with insurance companies to verify benefits and coverage confirmation.
  • We complete patient assessments to coordinate logistics for bed-to-bed transfer.
  • We offer physician-administered medical detox and residential treatment in a variety of premiere facilities located across the country.

Key Benefits
  • All insurance work handled
  • Bed-to-bed transfers
  • Family involvement
  • Logistics management
  • Medical Detox
  • Same-day admissions
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Residential treatment

How it works
During the discharge planning process, a highly qualified Treatment Consultant manages all logistics for discharge planners, social workers and/or healthcare professionals throughout the entire process. He or she:

  1. Receives benefit verification
  2. Completes patient assessment
  3. Begins the pre-certification process to receive treatment authorization
  4. Handles all communication with the insurance company
  5. Chooses the proper treatment facility based on the patient’s clinical/financial needs

First Responders’ Addiction Treatment Program

American Addiction Centers recognizes the unique needs of
Law Enforcement and Fire Service Members in treatment

Law Enforcement Treatment Program

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National Fire Services Member Assistance Program

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