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Our Alumni Program

A sense of community is such a valuable tool in maintaining sobriety — and being active and involved in your aftercare can greatly advance your addiction recovery. Alumni programs offer support, service and solidarity, with which you and your loved ones can continue and celebrate this healing process.
We are excited to invite you to join our alumni program for recovering men and women who participated in treatment at American Addiction Centers. We are proud to provide an exclusive alumni program specifically designed to support your addiction recovery.

Stay Connected!
Rarely can any goal be accomplished without the help and support of others. Reach out, ask questions, problem solve and share — not only will you add to your support system and gain insight, but you’ll also do the same for others.

  • Keep up with facility staff
  • Meet fellow alumni on our exclusive social networking sites
  • Access free addiction recovery tips and resources
  • Attend memorable events throughout the year

Features and Benefit
As part of our alumni network, you will have access to many resources, including:

  • 24/7 exclusive phone access to our concierge desk
  • Private alumni events
  • Free health and wellness tips
  • Monthly alumni e-newsletters
  • Inspirational postcards
  • Every year, receive complimentary registration to our annual Lifestyle Intervention Conference

We’re Social!

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Exclusive, 24/7 Alumni Phone Number

If you or someone you know needs help, call the Alumni Referral line

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